Hints for Sellers of Luxury/Resort Homes

By September 20, 2010 Hints for Sellers

Preparing Your Home for Sold!

With a little effort your home can be sold more quickly and at a better price.  The following tips have proven to be invaluable to owners and are worth your special attention.

Preparation for Showing:

1.  First impressions count!  Generally the buyer is looking for the view and outdoor experience in this resort market.  Make the fairway/patio easily accessible from the front door.  This is the first place a buyer heads to.  Make sure buyer can open sliders and get out easily. Be sure there no obstructions (furniture/plants/hoses, etc).  Generally the buyer starts the actual interior viewing process as they are coming in from the patio/back yard.  How does that view look to a potential buyer?

2.  When you know you have a showing, open all blinds, drapes, shutters!  Think light and bright….and View!  Turn on the lights in all rooms.

3.  Pack excess linens and clothing – to make closets and storage look larger.

4.  Pack excess accessories and/or items that do not remain if the home is being sold furnished.

5.  Do the windows and screens works well and look good?  Are the windows spotless?

6.  Are the appliances operating properly and sparkling?

7.  Fix the faucets and hose bib!  Dripping water discolors sinks and suggests faulty plumbing.

8.  Remove excess furniture and exercise equipment.

9.  Sparkling bathrooms help sell homes.  Check and repair any grout issues.

10.  Remove or inform us of any attached items that you are not including, such as chandeliers, shelving, garden plants, etc…

11. Repairs can make a difference.  Loose knobs, sticky doors, cracked tiles..can detract from your home’s value.  Have them fixed. (Ask us if you need  a handy man referral!)

12.  Arrange bedrooms neatly.  Remove excess furniture.  Use attractive and fresh bedspreads and towels.

13. Keep lawn trimmed and green.  Put some plants/color near the front door.

14.  Ask the Terri and Guy Munselle Team for additional ways to improve the marketability of your home…without wasting time and money.