Why List Your Home in The Summer?!

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1. Sales happen in Summer
Last Summer 38% of the the Desert’s sales were done  in the 5 “off” months!  Even though many leave….many buyers come in town to buy so they are ready for next season’s fun to start!

2. Less Competition
Many sellers and agents still have the old school mentality and do take their home off market for summer.  When inventory is down it’s a smart time to be selling.

3. Summer Buyers are Serious  Buyers!
When it’s hot you can bet the buyers are more serious!  We carry ice, water and power bars for summer showings!

4. Easier Showing!
Because so many sellers are gone, showings are so much easier.  Don’t worry..
When you list with us we cool down your home, light it up and make sure it shows at its best. Then we close down and lock up carefully!